Starting a podcast can be an exciting experience, and starting off on the right foot can really save a lot of time in the long run. You’ll learn everything about technical set up, gear, and workflow. This track also explores confidence, work/life balance, managing interviews and interviewees, and feelings around being seen and heard.


Growing a podcast takes a lot of work and very specific skills. Marketing and promotion can be off-putting to those who are new to these concepts. The Growth track will cover mindset around sales and promotion, creative and authentic ways to grow your audience, and include sessions that will teach you how to grow your entire sphere of influence in addition to just listeners.


Refining a podcast means different things to different stages of the journey. Beginners will be able to go deeper with their content and pinpoint their message and vision, while more advanced podcasters will explore issues like pivoting, rebranding, adding or subtracting episodes, topics, even co-hosts.


What will you accomplish with your podcast? Getting more clients or a new shiny sponsor is only one tiny piece of the things that can happen through podcasting. ANYTHING is possible once you start your show and have an idea of what you’d love to have in your life. Making an impact on an important cause? More time on stage? A complete career change? This track will guide you on what’s needed to decide what you want and then go get it.


Our community impact is vast. How do we ensure that we are doing all we can to make the world a better place? These sessions are focused on diversity, inclusion, feminism, supporting other women, allyship, community growth and more.



Have a personal, specifically individual question that’s burning a hole in your brain? We thought so. We’ll have a special area between the opening and closing keynotes for you to pop into AT ANY TIME and ask a professional podcast coach, consultant or editor anything you need to know.

Often times during a session you learn something or hear something that inspires you, but you’re not sure how it’ll work with your particular set-up, topic or lifestyle. These women have been supporting women podcasters for years and are the out-of-the-box, creative, knowledgeable teachers who can help.

SAY CHEESE! Headshots by the talented Natalie Jennings

Nataline Jennings has taken the headshots of many, many podcasters (including us at She Podcasts!) You can sign up to grab a session with Natalie at a special discounted price, just for She Podcasts LIVE attendees!

Jennings Photo focuses primarily on creative, candid portraiture for professionals wanting to build their brand. Create some gorgeous portraits and bring attention to your podcast and personal brand. 

SHARK-INFESTED WATERS! PRX Shark Tank - Pitch Your Show To A Network PRX Shark Tank - Pitch Your Show To A Network

The brilliant women of PRX are generously going to hold an application process for a few lucky podcasters to get the chance to hear what a big podcast network thinks of their million dollar idea for a podcast.

This is the big-time network version of a hot-seat. You’ll get feedback for your podcast LIVE on the main stage and have the opportunity to ask questions and make adjustments based on the advice of women who choose and develop some of the biggest shows around.

WEAVE AN AWARD-WINNING TALE Storytelling Fundamentals for Riveting Content by Dawn Fraser

If you’ve never seen a live show of The Moth or listened to their podcast, you don’t know what you’re missing. The Moth is a nonprofit group based in NYC dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling.

Dawn Fraser, one of their esteemed instructors will be teaching a 2-hour workshop for those who are interested – seats are limited and first-come-first serve.

GOT MY MIND ON MY MONEY AND MY MONEY ON MY MIND Pitch the Sponsorship Ad Agencies

If you’re a podcaster who is absolutely sure you’re ready for sponsor and nothing’s gonna stop you now, here’s your chance to find out and get started. Heather Osgood of True Native Media and Jenni Skaug of Sonic Influence are taking appointments to learn about your show and see if they can sell it.

You’ll fill out an application for either agency (or both) and, if chosen, will get an opportunity to book time to present your podcast and see if you’ll get signed. Appointments will be Friday and Saturday in between keynotes – so get those media kits ready!



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